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Ben Johnson Interview: Vanport Mosaic

Stories being captured by the hard working folks behind Vanport Mosaic.

4:27 min – This story is part of the Vanport Mosaic community-based oral history project, and was produced by Milo Reed, Joe Kuffner, and David MacKay/University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

Help us continue capture, honoring, and preserving memories of those who lived in Vanport, now in their 80s and 90s, by a tax deductible donation by 12/17 at this link: oregonskitchentable.org/crowdfunding/vanport-mosaic.

Vanport Mosaic is community-based on-going effort to collect and showcase all of the stories, art, and community projects and media being produced around the story of Vanport and to ensure that this piece of Oregon history is not forgotten.
To learn more visit vanportmosaic.org.

Ben Johnson: after the Vanport flood, working for a better Portland from Vanport Mosaic on Vimeo.