History Maps

Where can you find Oregon’s Black history? Everywhere! Use our History Maps to search for sites with African American historical significance near you. Search for people and places you’ve heard of, or click around to discover something new. Please note: these maps are best viewed on a full screen.

A map legend with icons and functions on top of a greyscale map imageHow to use these maps:

• Click anywhere on either the Portland or Statewide African American Historic Sites map to begin.
• Double click the map to zoom in, or use the “+” and “-” icons to zoom in or out.
• Click and drag to move the map.
• Click the “Home” icon to return to the starting view.
• Clicking the “Legend and Layers” icon brings up the map legend. Use this to switch between Extant (existing) and Non Extant (non-existing) structures.
• Clicking the “Filter” icon allows you to change the display to show the different kinds of historic sites. Use the search bar to search for sites by keyword.
• Clicking “Attribute Table” brings up a list of all locations on the map.




This data has been compiled from Cornerstones of Community: Buildings of Portland’s African American History (1995) by Darrell Millner, Carl Abbott, and Cathy Galbraith, and from the research files of Oregon Black Pioneers. Maps by Hannah Mellor.


Statewide African American Historic Sites

Portland African American Historic Sites