Double the impact of your OBP donation with the Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit!

Oregon Black Pioneers is currently requesting donor support before the end of the year to help us close our funding gap and end 2020 on a positive financial footing. If you have already made a donation, or are planning to make one, be sure to take advantage of the Oregon Cultural Trust tax credit to double the financial impact of your gift at no extra cost!

The Cultural Trust was created by the state legislature in 2002 to fund culture in the state into perpetuity. Currently, more than 1,400 nonprofits, including Oregon Black Pioneers, are eligible to receive funds from the Cultural Trust. If you have visited a museum in Oregon, attended an arts performance, tuned into public radio, or appreciated the preservation of our state’s history, it’s likely that you’ve benefited from the Oregon Cultural Trust. Oregon Black Pioneers’ work would not be possible without the tremendous support provided to our organization from Oregon Cultural Trust.

OCT’s funds are provided by Oregonians LIKE YOU who receive a cultural tax credit for their donation to the Cultural Trust. Spreading the word about how easy it is to take advantage of the tax credit is how we grow funding for statewide culture. Here’s how it works:

  1. Total your donations to qualifying cultural nonprofits to which you donated all year. A full list of qualifying nonprofits can be found here.
  2. Give the same amount to the Cultural Trust by Dec. 31 by mail or online
  3. Claim the amount donated to the Cultural Trust as a tax credit when you file your taxes.*

*Up to $500 for an individual, $1,000 for couples filing jointly or $2,500 for Class-C corporations.

Your Cultural Trust contribution comes back to you in the form of a decreased tax bill or potentially an increased refund. You just doubled the impact of your contribution at no additional cost to you! Click here to see an explainer video of the Cultural Trust Tax Credit.

As you continue to support Oregon Black Pioneers with your generous contributions, we hope you’ll also match your donation with a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust to strengthen funding for ALL of the cultural organizations that protect our great state’s famous quality of life.

Remember to make your donation to OBP –and to Oregon Cultural Trust– by December 31. To learn more and to apply for the tax credit, visit or (503) 986-0088, or consult your tax preparer