OBP Launches New Radio Show for Oregon Community Media

Oregon Black Pioneers debuted a new programming initiative last week with the first episode of “The Register”, a radio show co-produced by KMUN Coast Community Radio. The five minute weekly broadcast features a biography of a different figure from Oregon’s African American history. Zachary Stocks, OBP’s Executive Director, is the show host.

OBP has had tremendous success through its exhibitions and programs, but beyond these in-person experiences, the organization has had few opportunities to share its knowledge with the public. Each individual highlighted on The Register will represent one example of a seldom told story from the 400+ years of Blacks in Oregon.

The name “The Register” refers to the historical documentation through which OBP conducts its research –census data, marriage records, cemetery notes, etc. These various registries represent some of the most important sources for uncovering details on figures from the past who might otherwise go unrecognized.

The show is recorded in Astoria in the studios of KMUN Coast Community Radio and airs as part of their original programming lineup. Through KMUN’s program partnership with Oregon Community Media, The Register will be rebroadcast in local radio stations all across the state, bringing Black history to wherever Oregonians get their news. Click here for a full list of Oregon Community Media stations.

The Register airs on Friday mornings from 10:01 am – 10:06 am. Transcripts and downloads of each episodes will be posted on the Programs Podcasts page of KMUN and from the tab marked The Register beneath “Learn” on Oregon Black Pioneers’ website.


Oregon Black Pioneers was founded in 1993. Its mission is to research, recognize, and commemorate the culture and heritage of African Americans in the State of Oregon. Its vision is to be the premier resource for information about Oregon’s African American culture and heritage. For more information please contact zachary@oregonblackpioneers.org.