Black History Quest: Oregon’s Infamous Poll Tax

Black History Quest, Season 2, episode 3! 

In 1862, Oregon levied a poll tax on “each and every negro, Chinaman, Kanaka and mulatto” in the state, including pioneer Allen E. Flowers (pictured). But what was the impact and significance of this tax on Oregon’s Black residents?

Join host Mariah Rocker and guest History Investigator, retired archivist, librarian, and historian Richard Engeman on Wednesday, May 22 at 7:00 PM as they tackle the Big Question on Black History Quest!

Black History Quest is a program that peeks behind the process as experts and novices alike take on questions that have perplexed researchers of Oregon’s African American history. With support from The Roundhouse Foundation, we’ve recruited a different History Investigator every other month to help us reveal the hidden stories behind select artifacts from the OBP research files. Each episode, we’ll learn about the challenges and surprises of doing historical research, and try to learn how one source can change history. 

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